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Off the Charts
16 May, 2023

Release 2.77 - Off the Charts

Milestone Overview

The calendar has gotten a big extension! It now offers an “Overview” button which allows you to inspect and compare high level stats over all your milestones.

Milestone Overview

You can reach the calendar via the expand icon at the top right of the timeline within the Milestones tab.

The overview offers to either use card count or effort as your metric. You’ll find the distribution of completed vs uncompleted work across priorities and owners.

This will be a big assistance in making milestones more comparable and thus more plannable.

New Onboarding System

To give new as well as existing users a chance to learn about the breadth of features, we’ve added a new onboarding system. Every organization owner has access to currently 70 steps divided into 16 chapters.

To make it more digestible we’ve included a small playful XP and level up mechanic. You can access it via the blue shield icon in the top right.

Onboarding View

The progress for existing organizations has been mostly pre-filled so you don’t have to redo steps you know about already.

To be clear, this is just the first version we’re putting out to get some early feedback from you. So if you have suggestions please let us know either via Discord or per Mail!

More Fixes and Improvements

  • Card View: Quick Add option at the end of each swim lane when ordering by owner, priority, effort, tag, deck or milestone.
  • Zones: Added a drop sidebar to avoid scrolling if there’s a lot of zones.
  • Milestones Timeline: Shows the next and previous milestones outside of the visible range.
  • Card Picker: UI elements that allow you to search and pick a card, now also accept entering a card id.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some cards becoming invisible on Chrome
  • Login Form: First taste of the new design system.
  • Decky: increased upload limit for attachments in Discord messages from 10MB to whatever your server’s limit is.
  • Time Tracking Reports: CSV export now includes project name and id.
  • Decky & User Reports: Journey templates are applied to cards created via Decky and User Reports as well. This allows to e.g. auto-assign cards to a user created via Decky.
Smooth Move
06 Apr, 2023

Release v2.76

Hold onto your hats folks! We’re back from GDC and we bring you some exciting changes to Codecks!

Import CSV

CSV Importer

We’ve made it easier than ever to jump onboard with our new CSV import functionality. Say goodbye to the headaches of switching between project management tools, because now you can import your projects straight from any tool that supports CSV exporting. You may of course also access our existing Trello and HacknPlan import tools.

And there’s more! Re-import a CSV that is based on an export of your Codecks cards, to update the data of these cards in place. This could be used to perform complex updates using spreadsheets.

The CSV Importer can be found in the Organization Settings. Make sure to check our Manual to learn more.

Easier Sign-up

Now you can create a Codecks account using your Discord or Google login. No more wracking your brains to remember another set of login details - hooray!

Help Center

Help Center Overlay

We added a new help center section. Just click on the question mark icon next to the milestones tab in the header, and you’ll be whisked away to a wonderland of information. We’re talking manuals, our Discord community, status page, and more. It’s like a treasure trove of knowledge!

Discord Improvements

  • You can now modify karma point amounts for each slash command.
  • We’ve fixed the pesky issue of images not loading in project notification messages. Phew!

Usability Improvements

  • We’ve improved the dialogue for adding sub cards from the sidebar. If you are using our inbox feature, we now show you deck recommendations based on the location of the hero card and your inbox settings.
  • Time tracking info now not only shows you individual time entries per person, but also the sum of all user’s time spent on the card. You can see this when hovering over the timer icon on any card and also in the history sidebar.
  • We improved the design of the drag area within a deck or milestone. When dragging a card to one of the drop targets, the card now shrinks down in size to make it easier to see where you are releasing the card.
  • When deleting cards, we display the names of affected cards in the dialogue.
  • Zones now feature a quick-add button that allows to quickly add a card to the correct zone. No need to move the card to the correct zone after creation anymore.
  • The “Start journey” button is smarter now. It only adds those steps that are not already present as sub cards.
  • The image picker popping up when hitting ! in the card editor or comment section now shows more and bigger images.

Bug fixes

  • Can’t start journeys for Doc cards anymore.
  • Fix ctrl/cmd+a for selecting all cards. It did not work as expected in some contexts.
  • Prevent dropping cards into owner lanes if owners don’t have access to that card.
  • Fix upload limitations for bigger files.
  • Fix crash when jumping from one journey step to the next while the property panel was open.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s easier than ever to get on board with Codecks. See for yourself how magical project management can be! 🤩

In the Zone
11 Jan, 2023

Release v2.75

Happy new year, dear Codecks users! We’re excited to see the games and projects you’ll be releasing in 2023. To help you with that, we have a biiig update ready for you to use.

Organize cards with Zones


When you have a lot of cards inside a milestone or deck, it can be hard to maintain a clear overview, even with the various sorting options that are already available. In this release, we’re adding “Zones”: they are custom card groups that you can add when you’re in the “Manual” sorting order. Zones are shared across the whole team.

A couple of example uses:

  • Separate the cards inside your milestone by work area or teams (e.g. Feature Team 1, Feature Team 2)
  • Separate the cards inside your knowledge deck by type without resorting to tags (e.g. Engine Docs, Business Info)
  • Separate cards by additional priority levels (e.g. Do first, Must Have, Regular, Nice to have, Cut Candidate, Postponed)

There are lots of other possible applications for this, and we’re curious to see what you’ll come up with. Let us know your favorite use case on our Discord server!

Zones can be managed by Owner, Admin, Producers and Staff users with Full permissions.

Quicker access to your Milestone

Preview of Pinned Milestone

The new Pinned Milestone section in the Hand tab shows all cards assigned to you in the currently pinned milestone. This allows to see your upcoming milestone work without having to leave the Hand.

You can also easily drag’n’drop cards directly into the Your Hand area or reorder the cards as needed. Zones are supported here as well. The order will also be mirrored in the full Milestone view.


We plan to make Codecks even more playful in the future. In this update, we’re adding a new streak system to your done pile in the Your Hand area. Mark any of your cards as done during a week, and your streak counter will increase by one.

If you’re on the Plus or Pro plan, we automatically freeze your streak for you, and it is never reset to zero.

Hover over the flame to see your previous best streak. The counter will also be featured on your Open Decks page.

Decky Karma

Submitting good feedback via our Discord Decky integration will now award you with Karma points and additional roles. Gain 1 point for each upvote reaction to your feedback, and 10 points for each feedback that gets marked as “done” by the developer.

Your karma is displayed next to your submitted feedback and can also be shown with new /karma slash-command. As a reward, server admins may auto-assign custom roles to contributors that reach a certain Karma threshold.

Additionally, we’re adding the following features to Decky:

  • Decky can now auto-add members of a specified role to newly created threads. You can find the setting for this in the Workflow state updates section of a command. Use this to auto-add your server moderators to new feedback threads.
  • Users reacting to a Decky feedback will automatically be added to the thread. This means that they will also be notified of follow-up information about the feedback that they are interested in.

Further improvements

  • Huge performance improvements for screens with a lot of decks or cards. Previously, opening a deck with hundreds of cards could result in up to 3 seconds delay. They now open in a fraction of time through our new smart loading technique.
  • Hand section area now auto-collapses to be more readable on narrow window sizes.
  • Admins and Producers may change the time tracking entries of other members.
  • Fixed an issue that starting a card would sometimes not add it to Your Hand.
  • Fixed an issue when setting user access within the project’s user access settings.
  • Fixed issue with searching sometimes resulting in internal server error.
  • Doc cards get a different color in the Deuter-enhanced color palette.
  • Set maximum notification count to 10 per category to accommodate for smaller screens.
  • The Codecks Manual received a face lift (and now contains a choose-your-own-adventure, where you try to defeat the mighty card witch).

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