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10 May, 2021

Hand v2 ready for beta-testing

After months of working on it and tuning the mechanics, we’re happy to announce that one of the biggest changes to Codecks reached its beta stage! :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

The new hand aims to answer the question of what am I and my team members going to work on next? Every team member gets 7-28 hand slots (the exact number is configurable by you) to signal what their next cards are. You are able to inspect your co-worker’s hands and drag and drop cards into the right position as you see fit.
In addition we’re adding much more focus onto ongoing conversations, putting them right into your hand view.
The previous hand behaviour can now be accessed via “Bookmarks”.

You can go to “Organisation settings” > “Features” to activate it. You can move back to the classic hand any time. We eventually will be moving to the new hand for everyone. So if you have questions or concerns feel free to share.

We’ll also be updating our Manual entry to give you an overview of the changes.

More improvement and fixes:

  • Activity Feed: Added icons to make the different types of content easier to read.
  • Daily Digest Mail: Migrated to new mail layout.
  • Tags: Fixed issue with project tags containing special characters.
  • Search: Increased width of search input and overlay.
  • Settings: Added separate “Features” tab to toggle using Milestones, Journeys, Time tracking & the new hand
  • Deck Overview: Fixed scroll issue when navigating from one deck to another below.
30 Apr, 2021

New header area for Open Deck pages

We’ve given your Open Decks a fresh look to make sure your page looks as nice as possible no matter what kind of assets you have available.

You are able to migrate manually from today! before we’ll apply the new layout to every open deck by 30.06.2021.

To migrate, head to your project settings and find the “Improved design available!” section.

Make opt out of conversation more explicit

Probably one of the better hidden functionalities within Codecks is now much more apparent: If you wan’t to leave a conversation, you no longer need to click your own avatar in the participant list. Instead we’re now offering a big “Opt out of conversation” button.

Notification refactor

Nothing changed on the outside, but we’ve rebuild our notification engine. When you perform an action like writing a comment, you don’t have to wait until all notifications are generated before the server responds and shows your comment. Instead notifications are now generated after it processed your request. This should speed up interactions in bigger teams quite a bit.

Improved performance for updating the deck of multiple cards

While we’re at the topic of performance optimizations: moving 100s of cards to a different deck could take several minutes. After some profiling we found the slow queries and could speed up the process considerably. It should now take ~1s per 100 cards moved.

Further improvement and fixes:

  • Mails: Most mails got a design makeover.
  • Discord Integration: Add 🐞 emoji as reaction for Decky.
  • Card content: Don’t create personal tags when adding links containing #.
  • Mini Cards: If a mini card is present multiple times (e.g. when ordering by tag), cursor navigation and auto-scroll behavior should do the right thing.
  • Deck deletion: When deleting a deck that still has journey steps referencing it, we show a much clearer message.
  • Esc handling: Has been reworked, so when e.g. bulk selecting and opening a panel, hitting esc multiple times should close ui elements in the right order.
09 Apr, 2021

Fixes and Improvements

  • Card Properties: Card owner suggestions are more specific. It now prefers showing past assignments within the current deck rather than looking for past assignments within the whole organization.
  • Open decks: Fixed an issue which caused an error when setting a public project back to private
  • Infrastructure: We’ve consolidated all css-styling solutions evolving throughout the code base in the past 6 years(!) into a single one. This doesn’t have a major impact on how the app looks, but might lead to some performance improvements.
26 Mar, 2021

Improvement and fixes

  • Scrolling: When scrolling to cards or decks it scrolls the least amount necessary to get the element into the screen.
  • Infrastructure: Now shows the correct user IP when sending mails about changed passwords.
  • Images: fixed showing images with faulty meta-information (mostly caused by certain Samsung phones).
  • UI: fixed issue where elements haven’t been clickable due to a bug in the animation-library leaving a transparent overlay in the page sometimes.
02 Mar, 2021

Open Decks: Allow your audience to get updates into their inbox

We’ve added a “Get notified of updates” section to the header of each Open Decks page. This allows anyone to sign up via either Discord or email and password to then select whether they want to be notified daily or weekly if interesting updates are happening.

The digest email will contain links to new cards as well as cards that have been started or marked as done.

This feature is available to all regular Codecks users as well without having to create an additional sign up.
So feel free to check out the projects on open.codecks.io to see whether there’s some interesting projects you’d like to get updates for!

Wide Mode improvements

  • Wide mode preference is now remembered when closing and opening cards.
  • There’s an option in your profile which allows you to use both wide mode and side panel on wide browser windows (>=1440px).
  • New position of wide mode button.

Further improvements and fixes

  • Milestones: Moving a card into a deck with attached milestone, will automatically apply the decks’ milestone to the card.
  • Card View: Using ctrl/cmd+click on a card’s id copies just the $id rather than the full URL. Useful for e.g. commit messages.
  • Deck Library: Closing a deck scrolls the closed deck into view.
  • Open Decks: Allow visitors to see archived cards.
24 Feb, 2021

Big shortcut overhaul

This release introduces a reworked shortcut system aimed to make keyboard-based navigation a lot more productive. Hit ? to see all shortcuts available on your current view.

Here’s some highlights:

  • ctrl/cmd+a to select all cards
  • b to select the card under the mouse cursor
  • e, p, etc opens the corresponding property for the card under the mouse cursor
  • Bulk selection actions now also all received shortcuts
  • Return to open the edit view on an opened card
  • Arrow Keys to navigate across the mini cards

More improvements and fixes

  • Property panel now has same width as other panels, leading to less reflows when navigating through different side panels.
  • Fix drag and drop issue within journey steps.
  • Input for changing milestone’s date now uses proper date picker
  • Open deck portal now shows random projects at bottom (with the ability to load more).
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