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User feedback directly from your game via Unity Integration or API
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The Discord bot for Steam Game Developers

Steamy is free for all teams.

Fresh Steam Reviews!

Receive notifications about one or multiple games directly on your Discord Server. Stay on top of what players are saying about your game(s).

Engage your Community!

Post reviews to a private or public channels. Celebrate positive reviews with your team or community! Inspire more positive reviews and react to negative reviews in time.

It's free!

With 💜 to all Steam Game Developers by the Codecks Team

For support visit our own Codecks Discord server!
Steamy is already used on over 500 Game Dev Discord Servers.
Steamy is free for all teams.
Need help on community management? We got you covered for that too! See all your tasks and player feedback in one place. Whether it's coming from your own team, your community Discord, your in-game reporting or your public Roadmap. Collect upvotes and know what to prioritize.

We love Codecks! We use it to manage tasks for ourselves, but the ability to expose these to the community was a key feature for the public-facing nature of our project.

Ciro Continisio
Unity Technologies
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