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See how Codecks helps you to stay on top of things.

Covering all your needs

Cards, Decks & Projects

Well designed collectible card games provide a great sense of the current state of your game. Let's apply those design cues to project management.

Conversations & Notifications

Ever lost track of a comment thread? Conversations in Codecks are very explicit about who is part and whether it's been resolved.

Unique Hand Design

Learn how Codecks' uses the idea of the hand to signal the state of your and your team's progress.

Time Tracking

Optional time tracking allows you and your team to see how much time you're actually spending on your tasks.

Search & Order

Use our advanced search and ordering options to dice and slice your work just the way you need.

Hero Cards and Journeys

Learn how Hero Cards can bundle your work and how Journeys make recurring bundles easy to work with.

Metrics & Reports

"Will we manage to release on time?" is a tough question. Especially in game development. Codecks is here to help.


Plan for your release – one milestone at a time.

Open Development

Open Decks allow to share part of your project publicly with the your audience.

Due Dates

Never forget important dates by setting due dates to your cards


Manage your Discord Community with Decky

Our Discord bot funnels feedback from your Discord community into plannable and transparent tasks that live right in your project planning. Push your server engagement to the next level.
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Need to get your Cards out of Trello?

Trello's simplicity makes it a common choice when starting out a new project. It lacks in features when it comes to growing projects, however. Our importer makes it straight forward to continue where you've left off.
Import your tasks from Trello

Stay up to Date with Slack

Slack is a great addition to any project due to its powerful real-time communication features. Our two-way integration allows you to keep track of the work that matters.
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Control your Tasks with Source Control

Your commit messages may contain a lot of useful information for your team. Our GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab integrations allow you to attach your messages directly to the relevant cards.
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How is Codecks different?

Codecks vs Trello

Codecks vs Jira

Codecks vs HacknPlan

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