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Codecks offers a powerful toolset. And we’re developing even more to add!

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Codecks vs Asana

Benefits of Codecks

More than just a list of tasks

Asana's principle is to present tasks within a vertical list of lists. With lots of tasks this structure can quickly become overwhelming and requires good filters to stay on top of things. Codecks avoids overly long lists of tasks by allowing to group them into seperate decks. Moreover cards are not just represented within a list but typically are grouped into swimlanes. This allows you to comfortably browse your cards by your preferred context.

More powerful metrics

Asana offers to inspect the buildup of total vs completed tasks within a project. However there is no notion of velocity such that it is quite hard to get an idea of whether it's realistic to hit certain a milestone. Codecks offers an array of valuable metrics to help you analyse the past and forecast the future.

Structured Conversations

With Codecks every conversation lives inside a thread which should be marked as "resolved" once the conversation is done. Each thread has an explicit list of participants so you know exactly who you are talking to. Simply opt-out of a conversation if you feel like you have nothing to add. If it's your turn within a conversation we'll put up a very explicit notification to let you know. All these tools assist greatly in avoiding getting lost in all the conversations taking place within your project.

Milestones as first-class citizens

Codecks allows you to define milestones and assign these to decks or individual cards. So rather than working with simple dates, milestone allow a much more pragmatic way to deal with tasks in a temporary context.


Asana themselves are acknowldeging performance as an issue and are actively working on that by rewriting their Luna engine. Until then it's not uncommon to have to wait over 10 seconds to open up a link to an asana task. Time that adds up over the course of a week.
At Codecks we are commited to offering a great performance for common operations. We employ state of the art techniques like code splitting in the front end and using a GraphQL-like backend to only ever load the exact data you need.

Benefits of Asana

Private projects and tasks

Asana allows to define private projects and tasks such that no other team member can inspect these. Codeck's approach is much more open. While it's possible to limit guest users to certain projects only, all information within a project can be found by anyone. In case you want to create tasks just for yourself, you can create cards in your hand without putting them into a deck.

More flexibility with custom fields

Codecks offers to (optionally) set workflow status, priority, effort, owner, milestone and tags to a card. Asana allows to emulate these fields and much more by allowing to create custom fields.

Free to start with

Asana offers many of their services for free. We'd love to go a similar route, however as we're bootstrapping Codecks there's no easy way around asking for money for providing a hopefully great service to you and your team. As the first €50 are on us, you can test Codecks for some time before deciding on whether it's worth spending the equivalent of about 1 Cup of Coffee per Week per Team Member®.


Asana has been around for some time and offers quite an eco system of paid and free integrations. While Codecks offer integrations for Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab there's certainly space for more. So if you find that the lack of a certain integration is a deal breaker for you, let us know via hello@codecks.io!


Codecks makes it easy to integrate into your existing workflow

Slack Integration

Create cards from within Slack

The Codecks Slack Integrations allows you to create tasks for you or others from wherever you use slack. Just type /addcard and you'll find a new card on your hand.

Slack Slash Command

Receive notifications about changes

You'll also be able to get a feel for your team's activity by enabling notifications for a Slack channel of your choice.

Slack Notification

How to set it up?

First, go to your Account Settings and find the Slack tab:

Slack Pre Setup

Hit the "Add to Slack" button and you're asked to connect Codecks to one of your Slack channels. After completing this step, you are returned to your Codecks Account Settings and can customise the integration.

Slack Installed

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