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rpg character

4 Reasons why you need (Discord) Community Management for Games

How we're rethinking the game dev process by integrating your community.
04 Apr, 2022
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Game Production Podcast
Episode 5

From Kingdom to Cloud Gardens

Thomas van den Berg talks about how he created the indie hit game Kingdom and his new game Cloud Gardens.
09 Dec, 2021
Game Production Podcast
Episode 4

Indie Game Marketing Tricks

Philomena Schwab of Stray Fawn Studio talks about the best techniques for indie game marketing right now.
15 Nov, 2021
Game Production Podcast
Episode 3

Creating Thought-Provoking Games

Ata Sergey Nowak from Topor Games talks about creating political games and sharing company ownership.
28 Sep, 2021
Game Production Podcast
Episode 2

How 11 Bit Studios publishes games

Marek Ziemak from 11 Bit Studios talks about publishing and what a 11 Bit Game is.
30 Aug, 2021

Best Steam Tools for Game Devs

Our favorite Steam Tools for Game Developers.
25 Jun, 2021

Video Game Production With Codecks from A to Z

Case Study for how Maschinen-Mensch uses Codecks to create games. Everything from project structure to Discord integration.
12 May, 2021

So, what is Codecks?

Codecks is a project management tool inspired by collectible card games.
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