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Modern Project Management
for Game Development

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Overview of decks in a Codecks project
Made for Game Developers by Game Developers
We know game development! And we know you need an elegant yet powerful and reliable tool that helps you collaborate and release your milestones on time and scope.
Inspired by Beautiful Trading Card Games
A well designed trading card layout allows to extract a lot of information about its content at a glance. We took a lot of these clues to allow you to recognise the state of your project by just a quick look at your cards.
Overview of cards inside a Codecks deck
Wide mode for cards
Game Design Documents Welcome
Cards can be as short as a brief task or as big as a whole GDD chapter. Reference other cards, use extensive formatting, easily attach images, see detailed text changes. In Codecks your whole Game Design Document and your tasks can live in the same space.
No more Loose Ends
We all know those small tasks and conversations that get forgotten somewhere in the gaps. Codecks makes sure that everybody stays in the loop and on track in real-time with our unique no-loose-ends notification system.
Powerful notifications in Codecks
Codecks is the first project management tool with built-in Discord integration into its core
Community and Task Management in one Tool
Our Discord bot Decky funnels feedback from your Discord community into plannable and transparent tasks that live right in your project planning. Push your server engagement to the next level.
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Great Multi Project Support
Juggling multiple projects or working with freelancers? Codecks makes switching between different work spaces with individual access rights seamless. See everything at once or drill down to what matters at the moment.
Manage multiple projects in Codecks
Codecks features integrations for Slack, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab and more
Fully Integrated Time Tracking
Our opt-in time tracking allows you to analyze where your time went. We've also heard of people who reported that a ticking timer is a great way to keep them focussed!
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And much much more..
Milestones, Metrics, Attachments, Searching, Sorting, Sub Lists, Trello Import and integrations for Slack, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket. Check out our feature page for a more extensive overview.
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Codecks features integrations for Slack, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab and more

Hand, Decks and Milestones

Go ahead and see how things work in Codecks.

Be organised

a card or them according to any of their properties.
Refactor event engine
Steamworks integration
Remove Dummy Sound Content
Main NPC just died
Fix bad performance in intro screen
Better balance for music and SFX levels
Fix Screen Resolution issues
Game freezes in inventory screen
Add new DLC to shop section
SFX for slingshot
Better distribution of tracks within campaign
Go through about page for outdated texts
Highlight Changing Values
Dead bodies still breathing
1 not running on linux?
Item Modding
No priority
Add a minimap
Add tutorial events for:
Add Permadeath
Double check secondary tutorials

Powerful search

Our intelligent help you to see just the information you need right now.

Awesome cards

A quick glance at a card will convey a lot of information about a task. Try to on a card to access all the features cards offer.

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After trying pretty much all of the competitors, we settled on Codecks as the one we're most comfortable with for our varied team of ~10 artists, designers, developers and producers. The adaptive design and visual card ordering is easy to get into and perfect for keeping track of multiple projects at once. Also a big bonus: the direct feedback loop for bugs and feature requests with the developers - our wishes are being heard and responded to.
Milan Pingel
Massive Miniteam
We've tried a lot of agile PM solutions in the past. With Codecks it seems like we've found our final best fit. It's lean and easy to get into. Yet it's powerful and satisfies all our needs regarding agile project management.
Paul Lawitzki
Chasing Carrots
If you've ever felt like falling asleep while using Jira, Trello or writing the 451st user story, this is the PJM tool for you. Elegant, responsive & more fun than shuffling sleeved cards.
Sam Luckhardt
Tonkotsu Games
Codecks is playful, easy to use and well arranged. I can manage tasks detailed enough to work efficiently but I do not lose any time on juggling with the project management software.
Jörg Reisig
Anomaly Games
It's fairly obvious that it's created by game developers - there's clearly been a lot of thought put into what works and what doesn't.
Alex May
Moon Mode

Our Mission

Dear Game Developer,

project management tools are notoriously unsatisfying to use. We found all the tools that we tried to be either too complex or too simplistic. We believe that gamedevs deserve their own production tool that is just right for them.

Codecks is a project by the indie game company Maschinen-Mensch and some extraordinarily skilled web developers. We've been working on it since 2014 and believe that we've created something special:

A tool that aims at just the right amount of complexity and is able to excite creative visual thinkers and productivity fans alike. Any task planning tool gets more useful if everybody on the team is using it and that's why joyful interaction is at the core of Codecks instead of an afterthought.

Codecks is our love letter to the people who make games.

- The Codecks Team

Gamedev is hard. Make it easier with Codecks.
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Modern Project Management
for Game Development
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