Codecks is a project management tool inspired by collectible card games.

Managing your projects with Codecks is fun!
Cards draw your at­ten­tion to where it should be
You get a robust set of features that you can pick from

Organise your project with cards and decks

Isn’t it amazing how much information collectible card games can convey with just a quick scan of a playing card? We do think so, which is why Codecks is designed from the ground up like a collectible card game featuring cards, decks of cards, and the ability to draw cards into your hand!
Character Design
Ambient Lighting
Dynamic Weather

What's it like working with Codecks?

Example 1: Simple and effective workflow
Example 2: Sorting and organising your cards
Example 3: Ask co-workers to review your work

Users about Codecks

Codecks sits at the exact right amount of complexity for a team that has just outgrown trello. It combines an intuitive card deck metaphor with relevant and powerful features. The notification system is the best I've ever seen in a project management software.
Riad Djemili
The deck workflow of Codecks matches how I've always wanted Agile gamedev to be. Creating, pulling, reviewing and finishing cards feels natural and doesn't get between me and my coding.
Isaac Ashdown
Codecks is playful, easy to use and well arranged. I can manage tasks detailed enough to work efficiently and but I do not lose any time on juggling with the project management software.
Jörg Reisig
The Fermi Paradox

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