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04 May, 2022

Due Dates

due card

This has been our number one feature request for quite some time, now it’s finally here: Due Dates! You can now assign individual due dates to any card to make sure that you never forget about a deadline again.

Due dates are fully integrated into various Codecks systems:

  • Find all your and your team’s due cards from the Hand via a new tab
  • Get notified about all due cards on the day they become due
  • Use the new timeline view to see all your due cards next to your organization’s milestones
  • Group your cards by due date and search for them
  • Use our bulk action bar to set the due date for multiple cards at once
  • You have to be on the Pro plan to use due dates

Find out more about Due Dates in the Manual or in this video:

Video explaining due dates

Multi-Dimensional Card Sorting

secondary sort order

Our sorting system has received some long-requested improvements to become truly stellar:

  • Use ctrl/cmd + click to add additional sorting criteria and have more control of the exact sorting that you want to use
  • Cards within swimlanes are now sorted by the primary sorting order (before they were always sorted by priority)
  • You can now order by card title as well
  • Use the compact mode toggle to skip the grouping and see all the cards right next to each other.

As before, your sorting preferences are stored on a deck and on a milestone level.

We’ve also created a manual entry and a video for you to enjoy:

Video explaining sorting

Further updates

  • Media library: The file overview now supports large files collections with more than 3000 files.
  • Decky: Images uploaded via slash commands are now hosted on our servers as Discord tended to be unreliable here. No more “unavailable images”!
  • Decky: Discord user mentions are now shown correctly in Codecks card messages.
  • Time tracking: allow input such as 1.5h or 2 hours 20 mins when entering custom times.
  • Hand Overlay: The Hand overlay will always show a tab for your own hand too.
  • Images: support for animated webp images
  • Conversation Panel: Comment field now only auto-focus when a new thread is being started by the user
Decky 2.0!
18 Mar, 2022

new interface

The first version of Decky has been released almost 3 years ago. Since that time, Discord has added a lot of features: replies, threads and most recently slash commands. For our new update we’ve redesigned Decky to use the full power of Discord. We’ve also added new customization options and unique features. Our goal for Decky is to provide the best Discord community management experience in the world for both, you and your audience.

We’re on Product Hunt!

Product Hunt is like a reddit for tech products and we’ve submitted Decky there. If you have a Product Hunt account make sure to check it out and say hello! <3


  • Create Slash Commands via Decky

    Rather than looking for pseudo commands like !bug within messages, you can now create slash commands via the Decky Settings. Being a first-class citizen in the discord ecosystem, slash commands come with improved discoverability and UX for your audience compared to the old commands.

  • Thread support

    Each feedback message created by your audience will automatically set up a dedicated thread. This helps keeping follow-up conversations tidy. Codecks automatically syncs the full conversation within your card, so once you’re ready to work on it, all the relevant information is already present.

embedded threads

  • Richer Status Updates

    Both, the original message and the leaderboard entries can be annotated with progress updates. This way your audience gets automatically updated if you make relevant changes. By default these are “Threshold reached”, “Card started” and “Card done”. Pro users can also enable annotations for “Card seen”, “Assigned to dev”, “Assigned to milestone” and “Moved to hand” to provide your audience with even more real-time insights. When the card status changes you may now send message updates to a channel or the specific thread.

  • And there’s more

    • Decky adds a /leaderboards slash command: allowing you and your audience to see a private leaderboard for the time frame of your choice.
    • Allow anyone to add private feedback: Hitting the ⚙️ button of a message allows anyone with the configured role to send you private feedback. This will be visible as conversation on your card. Replying on Codecks will send the user a DM via Discord.
    • Allow moderators to deactivate feedback. If a user has the configured role, hitting the ⚙️ button will allow them to deactivate the message. Once they’ve entered a reason, the message will be marked as deactivated: further upvotes are prevented, it won’t show up in leaderboards and the associated card will be archived.
    • We’ve completely revamped the settings section for Decky to be easier to navigate and understand.

Deprecating Discord Commands and Card Creators

Decky’s new Slash commands cover all the functionality of the previous Discord Commands and Card Creators. We’re also realizing that Discord pushes its bot eco system to move towards slash commands and its interactions via recent API changes.

We’ve therefore made the decision to deprecate the previous interaction patterns. This means that legacy Commands an Card Creators will no longer be supported after June 30th, 2022.

While Card Creators are fairly trivial to replace with the new Slash Commands, we’ve provided a migration functionality for your commands. This ensures that feedback created with the old command can still be interacted with. If you have questions or concerns feel free to get in touch with us!

Further Improvements

  • Discord attachments are used as cover images on cards
  • Fixed issue when duplicating multiple sub cards of the same hero card

We’re excited for you to try this new version and let us know your feedback!

All Hands on Decky
07 Feb, 2022

Our Discord bot Decky is now installed on more than 1,000 servers and has processed over 100,000 upvotes. For the start of 2022 we’re setting out to make Decky even better. We want to make it the BEST tool for tracking your Discord community feedback in a playful and efficient way. To reach that goal we’re making some big improvements.

Sample Leaderboard

The first thing we noticed is that leader boards can grow stale, which defeats their purpose. That’s why we’re adding new sorting options that allow you to sort leader boards by recent upvotes, instead of overall upvotes. This will shift the focus of leader boards towards what’s going on right now, similar to how Reddit works. While we were at it, we also reworked their appearance to be more readable.

This is just the first change of more that will be happening in the next couple of weeks.

Decky improvements

  • Leaderboards now allow you to only consider recent upvotes
    new Leaderboard option
  • Permission checks when setting up Decky
  • Give feedback if a direct message to a user can’t be sent due to their Discord privacy settings

Find out more about Decky in the Manual.

Further improvements

  • We now accept SEPA payments
  • You can specify that your Open Deck contains adult content, in which case visitors will need to verify they’re 18+
  • Added button to download all card attachments as a zip file
  • Conversation participant suggestions are now more relevant, based on past conversation partners in the current project
  • Added search option “Private cards”
  • Bookmarks previously disappeared when the card got archived — we’ve removed this behaviour so you’re not accidentally loosing easy access to these cards
Your Upvote, Your Voice
14 Jan, 2022

The latest Codecks update is now live — here’s what changed!

Upvote anywhere

Codecks gives you great project tracking, making sure that your production ship sails fast. Feedback from your community makes sure that your production is not only fast but also working towards the right direction. That’s what makes community building so instrumental for a lot of us.

upvotes from community team and discord

We believe that combining project management and community building is the next step for modern teams:

  • Your community members can now upvote cards not only on Discord, but also on your Open Decks page.
  • A new stats dashboard makes it easier to see new upvotes and your most popular cards. It also allows you to quickly see how many fans are visiting your open decks and signing up to receive email updates from your open decks. The upvote statistics can be accessed from the Hand tab by selecting the potion icon on the left.
  • Your own team members can now also join in on the fun and upvote cards inside your project (can be enabled/disabled for each project individually). A potential use case is to signal group agreement regarding game design ideas.
  • To upvote a card look for the potion icon on top of the opened card.

upvote stats screen

You can enable upvotes for your team or the community within the project settings:

project settings screen

Find out more about Open Decks on the Manual.

Subscription updates

We’ve reworked our subscription engine to be easier to understand and to bill more accurately. Here’s what changed:

  • You pay at the beginning of a billing cycle and not at the end of it. (Existing subscriptions won’t be charged twice of course).
  • No more “pay later” option and you’re on a recurring payment cycle by default.
  • Adding and removing users to your Pro plan will now be pro-rated. This means that if you add a user halfway through the billing cycle, you’re only going to pay half the price for them. Pro-rated invoice items are being added to the invoice for the next billing cycle.

Ready to go Pro? All info on our Pricing page.

More improvement and fixes

  • Rather than working with opacity to highlight the opened mini card, it now receives a green glow. This ensures a much better readability for non-opened card.
  • Dependencies and Project Clone feature are now out of Beta. Since the Beta phase has been working smoothly for both features, no further changes have been made, so consider them stable now.
  • Esc key can be used for most sub views such as the sort panel, activity, metrics, etc.
  • Fix dragging and dropping files for Safari.
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