Community Management for Busy People

Say hi to Decky - the best feedback bot for Discord

Energize your community

Collect feature requests, ideas and bug reports directly from your Discord community.

A playful approach

Leaderboards and upvoting will rally your fans and let them know that you’re listening.

Keep your fans in the loop

Decky will share your progress and inform fans how their feedback is being used in your work.

Decky has been an amazing tool for helping us make sure that our players feel like their problems and suggestions are being heard by the game devs. It's also been wonderful in helping us on the game dev side of things keep all of those suggestions and reports ordered properly and work through them efficiently!

Kerri King
Freedom Games

A direct connection

Decky will take care of tracking and messaging users and collect any follow-up details they have for you.

Everything in its right place

All important data remains in one place, easy to find and share between different members of your team.

Everything at a glance

Use the dashboard to quickly find trending feedback and bug reports.

Codecks is an order of magnitude above all project management solutions we've used before. I've used other integrated tools before, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Felipe Falanghe
Kerbal Space Program / Floating Origin Interactive

Collect feedback in a playful way.