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04 Dec, 2017

Fix Slack issue: When creating cards containing a list via the /addcard command, Slack inserted
utf-8 whitespace characters that now are being treated correctly.

04 Dec, 2017

Slack Integration Beta

You are now able to create cards from within Slack! Just go to your account settings and look for
the Slack Tab. There you’ll be able to connect Codecks with your Slack account. Now every team
member can “Sign in to Slack” via their Codecks profile page to associate their Slack user account
with their Codecks user account. This way they are able to type /addcard [title of card] anywhere
in Slack to add a card to their hand.

Moreover you’ll receive notifications about cards being created, started or marked as done. New
comments to a card and milestone creations/changes also result in slack messages to a channel of
your choice. You can refine which notificaitons you want to receive and disble certain projects from
within your Codecks account settings.

Note that the integration is still in Beta. This means some things might not work as expected.
Please let us know should you notice something!

Beginning of the big Codecks code clean-up initiative

Codecks was started about 3 years ago. A lot of time in the fast-paced web development ecosystem.
While the core architecture is still very solid, there are some bits that never reached a really
happy state. The most noticeable example is how to integrate css within a React app. In the meantime
a lot has moved and glamorous has emerged as very powerful

How does this affect you? Well, we’ll be revising each and every component starting from A
(ActionStrip) down to V (VerifyEmail). This will result in a much more polished and unified UI and
will uncover and fix lots of small issues and bugs. This release contains an update for all
components starting from A up to the letter D (DeckSelector). Here the most noticable changes:

  • The “Mission Control” slide-in menu got a visual overhaul
  • Fixed search for project tags
  • When editing a deck title/description you may now use emojis and tags in there as well. (Before it
    only was possible while deck creation)
  • Ensure that milestone picker is shown for each deck
29 Nov, 2017

Bugfix release:

  • Fixing issue preventing some notification-emails from being sent
  • Solve issue for bitbucket commits from non-registered bitbucket users

PS: we’re working on an exciting feature right now that should be ready for release later this week!

01 Aug, 2017

Duplicate cards

You are now able to duplicate a single or multiple cards at once.
Here’s how: you select the mini card(s) via the bulk-selection feature. (Note that we’ve added a select all button once you start selecting cards - making it a lot easier to duplicate e.g. whole decks)
In the selection bar you’ll now find the duplicate card button. Here you’ll be able to select the properties which you want to copy and the location to which you’d like to copy the new cards to (in place or to a target deck).

14 Jul, 2017
  • Tab titles now showing the current project or deck you are in
  • Rewrite of a lot of layouting components to be less glitchy and less processor hungry
  • IE 11 and form fixes
01 Jun, 2017

Bugfix Release

  • Fixed issue with adding attachments when creating new card
  • Starting a review or blocking a snoozed card, unsnoozes the card
  • Visual improvements for comment threads
03 May, 2017

Source Code Management Integrations

We’re happy to announce our first set of integrations. Our first batch includes support for Github, Bitbucket and GitLab, allowing you to manage your cards from the command line.

As an admin you can set up your integrations from within you account settings (cog icon on your dashboard). Look for the Source Control Management integration tab.

Once you’ve connected your repository to one of your projects, you can start reviews, mark cards as done or simply reference cards from within a commit message.

Click on the “learn more” button in the settings to see a full overview of what type of commit messages are supported.

Smaller fixes

  • Added support for checkboxes within card body using syntax + [] and * [] (note that - [] worked already and still works)
  • Fixed issue preventing you from inviting guests to your project if that person had a Codecks account already
04 Apr, 2017

These are rather short release-notes since we’re releasing mostly internal changes. Here’s a full list of things that could be relevant to you:

  • Fix references on cards. When you hovered over an $id of a card, you couldn’t see the card preview
  • Added an experimental integration(!) with Bitbucket. We’re planning on offering official support soon. If you can’t wait, get in touch with us!
  • Email notifiying about snoozing threads are only sent once, not every day
22 Mar, 2017

Tag styling

You can now visually distinguish project tags from personal tags.

Assigning colours to project tags

In project settings, you can now assign a colour to a project tag. Should you do that, any card with that project tag assigned will display a small dot of the appropriate color. This allows you to visualy see if a card has a specific project tag without having to look at the detail view.

It’s handy for situations when e.g. you order cards by priority and then see at a glance whether or not cards are tagged as you would expect them to be.

Smaller fixes

  • Welcome message on dashboard for users invited into your account
  • Less jiggly notification animations
  • Fixing bugs around smaller-case vs upper-case usage of the same tag
  • Fix burndown-chart estimate not showing up
  • Don’t use our fancy rich text editor on mobile devices because its foundation is broken. Instead just use a plain text area.
  • Fix issue around adding multiple @mentions in our text editor
23 Feb, 2017

Drag’n’Drop between swimlanes

Since you’ve got cards in your hand and decks, it just makes a lot of sense to drag them around the surface they’re on!

With this release you’re able to drag cards across swimlanes to change the property you’re ordering by. So if you’re ordering by, say, priority you’ll be able to change your card’s priority by dragging them to a different priority lane. This also works for effort, most statuses, tags, owner, milestones and decks.

We also introduce a drop panel that appears to the right when you start dragging a card. This allows you to quickly access swimlanes that are not currently present on screen.

Introducing personal tags

Create your own private structure by using personal tags on cards. This is not completely new, since they are effectively tags you could already write in the card body. But we’ve added some more functionality around them. This changes a lot of things, for the better (we think!).

Check out this blog post for more details.

Talk to me, Goose!

With all this new stuff, we need some feedback! Please drop by the discussion board and tell us what you like, don’t like, and what else you’d want to see.


  • added tooltips to the card property panel to help with onboarding
  • you may now select all cards in compact sort order to allow you to bulk edit a whole deck
  • improved error handling when you’re trying to access your account when logged out
  • settings modals have more consistent size -> they don’t jump around when switching tabs
  • you can now copy and paste text containing @mentions and it’ll recognise these as mentions automatically. You also may write @user without having to hit enter in the auto-complete box to create a valid mention.
  • (user role) staff can no longer see admin stuff in project and user settings
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