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10 Sep, 2021

Hand v2 improvements

New Layout

We’re getting closer and closer to release the Hand v2 for everyone. So in case you haven’t tried it out yet, make sure to open your Org Settings and enable it in the “Features” section.

Here’s a list of things we’ve improved:

  • New layout for the conversation/bookmark/team member hand section. A much more concise view to help you focus on only the important things.
  • Reworked the Hand/Bookmark interactions once a card is opened. The bookmark icon has been moved from the top to the bottom right, while the hand button’s behavior is now a) consistent across all contexts and b) featured with an ctrl/cmd click interaction which allows to directly add or discard a hand without having to open the Hand Overlay.
  • Likewise the bulk selection bar now has a ctrl/cmd click interaction allowing to directly add or discard multiple cards at once to the hands of their owners.
  • New hand icon!

Improved release discoverability

Release Overlay

Unless you’re part of our Discord server, it’s has been hard to discover whether a new release has happened and what it contained. To solve this, we’ve redesigned our release notes. Once you re-open Codecks after a release was made, you’ll get an overview in the app. You also get a chance to leave us your feedback, so we know whether we’re moving into the right direction.

You’ll also start seeing a blue (or yellow) dot next to the joystick icon in the header telling you to reload the page to get the latest version of Codecks.

Further improvements and fixes

  • Bulk select project tags for copying them to another project.
  • Fix image viewer overlay in card history and activity view.
  • Don’s show disabled organizations in the Mission Control’s organization picker.
  • …and a lot of smaller design and wording fixes.
06 Aug, 2021

Automatic Project Tags and Emojis

You are now able to set an “Auto project tag” for your decks. This means all cards within this deck will receive this tag. Removing a card from this deck removes the tag. Look for the 🤖 within your deck’s header to set it up!

In addition we now allow you to decorate project tags with emojis (not just colors)! Every card containing this tag will display this emoji in front of their title.

Combining these features allows for some powerful stuff: You can decorate your #bug project tag with the 🐞 emoji and use this tag as an “Auto project tag” for your “Bugs” deck. Now every bug card will contain a 🐞 next to their title and can be easily spotted. This feature will also help to keep an overview of your cards when you have lots of different projects. Applying different emojis to decks in you various projects will make it much clearer where a card belongs to.

Further fixes and improvements

  • Hero Cards: Hero cards can now have their own effort. The effort shown on the card will be the sum of the hero card’s own effort plus their sub cards total effort. This feature can be useful in case you’re working with Hero Cards as User Stories and want to apply effort only to the User Story rather than the sub tasks.
  • Project Settings: reworked the UI of the project tag settings page.
  • Android: Disabled spellchecker as it led to annoying glitches in the editor.
27 Jul, 2021

Improvements for Hand v2

We think the concepts for the new Hand v2 are fairly unique, so we figured it’s time to make it look unique as well 💄
In addition, we’ve reworked the process for adding a card to the hand from within a deck or milestone. Rather than directly appending a card to a hand, we’re opening an overlay showing the person’s hand, allowing to reorganize it and dragging the opened card into the right place.
We’ve also changed the look of the activity feed in the hand to accommodate for the dark background as well as come up with new way to present inaccessible cards 🕵️‍♀️.

Further fixes and improvements

  • Steamy: We’re now also showing the reviewer’s playtime when posting a review.
  • Text editor: Support for Browser-based spell check. You can disable it from your user profile.
  • Time tracking: Hero Cards now show the accumulated time of the card itself and all their sub cards. The history panel and hover info over the ⏱ icon will show the tracked time on sub cards vs the hero card itself. The vertical “micro cards” in the sub card side panel now also contains the ⏱ icon if time was tracked.
  • Attachments: The download button should now start a download rather than opening the file in a new tab.
  • Open Decks: The updated layout is now applied to all open decks.
  • Automatic filtering: When looking at big decks or milestones, an automatic “me” filter is applied to prevent being overwhelmed. The user profile now allows to change the card count threshold or disabling this behavior altogether.
  • Mission control: Restyled the project tiles to make them look more draggable.
  • Search: You can now filter cards by their Discord upvote count.
  • Snoozing cards: Cards only get unsnoozed if a user actively unsnoozes it. Changing any property of a snoozing card no longer automatically unsnoozes it.
  • Slack integration: fixed the “Create a card” action for the action dropdown on messages.
25 Jun, 2021

Say Hello to Steamy!

We’ve been working on a sweet little tool to help game developers to keep an eye on their Steam reviews. Rather than constantly hitting F5 on your Steam page to get the latest reviews, you can setup Steamy to connect to your Discord server. Enter all the games for which you’d like to track reviews and Steamy will continuously check them and post the latest reviews to a Discord channel of your choice.

Steamy is free and works for Codecks and non-Codecks users alike. You can access the Open Beta version here: www.codecks.io/steam-bot

Further improvements and fixes

  • Mini Cards: Preview conversations and attachments when hovering over the attachment or conversation icons.
  • Mini Cards: Show a gray conversation bubble for cards with conversations that you’re not a part of.
  • Emojis: Fixed an issue with displaying emojis containing e.g. skin color information.
03 Jun, 2021

Updates for Hand v2

  • Displays a hand’s total effort if any card has an effort value.
  • Add activity button to the left of the hand screen. This activity view allows to browse your personal or other team member’s latest activity.
  • Allow horizontal scrolling on mobile in the hand view.
  • Add “select all” functionality, both via ctrl+a and a dedicated button.
  • Esc allows to close the done pile

Further improvements and fixes

  • Selection: Selection using the shift key is now much more robust. We’ve also reworked the Select all functionality. It’s now container-based and can be progressively expanded. I.e. hitting ctrl+a (or the Select all) button once will select all cards of the current swim lane(s). Hitting it again will select all cards on the screen. Inverting the selection via i is now also container-based.
  • Image viewer: Now allows to navigate through images within the card content and comments via left and right cursors (or via the arrow icons).
  • Hero Cards: Sub card progress is no longer represented as a line. Instead every sub card is displayed as a pill whose size is weighted by their effort. Sub cards with no effort get displayed as if they had an effort of 0.5.
  • Hero Cards: Fixed wonky drag and drop behaviour within the sub card sidebar panel. Inaccessible cards are being shown as placeholders. This allows any user who has access to the Hero Card to change the order of sub cards even if inaccessible cards are present.
  • Card content: We’ve stopped showing the $id portion when displaying card references within cards or comments.
  • Text editor: Suggestion overlay won’t overflow the main screen.
  • Search: Fixed race condition when clearing latest search query.
  • Search/Auto-Complete: Don’t show cards of deleted or archived projects while searching or auto-completing via $. Don’t show cards of deselected projects while auto-completing via $.
  • Trello importer: Massively improved performance for importing big boards. Instead of minutes it will now take a few seconds even for 1000+ tasks.
10 May, 2021

Hand v2 ready for beta-testing

After months of working on it and tuning the mechanics, we’re happy to announce that one of the biggest changes to Codecks reached its beta stage! ✨✨✨

The new hand aims to answer the question of what am I and my team members going to work on next? Every team member gets 7-28 hand slots (the exact number is configurable by you) to signal what their next cards are. You are able to inspect your co-worker’s hands and drag and drop cards into the right position as you see fit.
In addition we’re adding much more focus onto ongoing conversations, putting them right into your hand view.
The previous hand behaviour can now be accessed via “Bookmarks”.

You can go to “Organisation settings” > “Features” to activate it. You can move back to the classic hand any time. We eventually will be moving to the new hand for everyone. So if you have questions or concerns feel free to share.

We’ve also updated our Manual entry to give you an overview of the changes.

More improvement and fixes:

  • Activity Feed: Added icons to make the different types of content easier to read.
  • Daily Digest Mail: Migrated to new mail layout.
  • Tags: Fixed issue with project tags containing special characters.
  • Search: Increased width of search input and overlay.
  • Settings: Added separate “Features” tab to toggle using Milestones, Journeys, Time tracking & the new hand
  • Deck Overview: Fixed scroll issue when navigating from one deck to another below.
30 Apr, 2021

New header area for Open Deck pages

We’ve given your Open Decks a fresh look to make sure your page looks as nice as possible no matter what kind of assets you have available.

You are able to migrate manually from today! before we’ll apply the new layout to every open deck by 30.06.2021.

To migrate, head to your project settings and find the “Improved design available!” section.

Make opt out of conversation more explicit

Probably one of the better hidden functionalities within Codecks is now much more apparent: If you wan’t to leave a conversation, you no longer need to click your own avatar in the participant list. Instead we’re now offering a big “Opt out of conversation” button.

Notification refactor

Nothing changed on the outside, but we’ve rebuild our notification engine. When you perform an action like writing a comment, you don’t have to wait until all notifications are generated before the server responds and shows your comment. Instead notifications are now generated after it processed your request. This should speed up interactions in bigger teams quite a bit.

Improved performance for updating the deck of multiple cards

While we’re at the topic of performance optimizations: moving 100s of cards to a different deck could take several minutes. After some profiling we found the slow queries and could speed up the process considerably. It should now take ~1s per 100 cards moved.

Further improvement and fixes:

  • Mails: Most mails got a design makeover.
  • Discord Integration: Add 🐞 emoji as reaction for Decky.
  • Card content: Don’t create personal tags when adding links containing #.
  • Mini Cards: If a mini card is present multiple times (e.g. when ordering by tag), cursor navigation and auto-scroll behavior should do the right thing.
  • Deck deletion: When deleting a deck that still has journey steps referencing it, we show a much clearer message.
  • Esc handling: Has been reworked, so when e.g. bulk selecting and opening a panel, hitting esc multiple times should close ui elements in the right order.
09 Apr, 2021

Fixes and Improvements

  • Card Properties: Card owner suggestions are more specific. It now prefers showing past assignments within the current deck rather than looking for past assignments within the whole organization.
  • Open decks: Fixed an issue which caused an error when setting a public project back to private
  • Infrastructure: We’ve consolidated all css-styling solutions evolving throughout the code base in the past 6 years(!) into a single one. This doesn’t have a major impact on how the app looks, but might lead to some performance improvements.
26 Mar, 2021

Improvement and fixes

  • Scrolling: When scrolling to cards or decks it scrolls the least amount necessary to get the element into the screen.
  • Infrastructure: Now shows the correct user IP when sending mails about changed passwords.
  • Images: fixed showing images with faulty meta-information (mostly caused by certain Samsung phones).
  • UI: fixed issue where elements haven’t been clickable due to a bug in the animation-library leaving a transparent overlay in the page sometimes.
02 Mar, 2021

Open Decks: Allow your audience to get updates into their inbox

We’ve added a “Get notified of updates” section to the header of each Open Decks page. This allows anyone to sign up via either Discord or email and password to then select whether they want to be notified daily or weekly if interesting updates are happening.

The digest email will contain links to new cards as well as cards that have been started or marked as done.

This feature is available to all regular Codecks users as well without having to create an additional sign up.
So feel free to check out the projects on open.codecks.io to see whether there’s some interesting projects you’d like to get updates for!

Wide Mode improvements

  • Wide mode preference is now remembered when closing and opening cards.
  • There’s an option in your profile which allows you to use both wide mode and side panel on wide browser windows (>=1440px).
  • New position of wide mode button.

Further improvements and fixes

  • Milestones: Moving a card into a deck with attached milestone, will automatically apply the decks’ milestone to the card.
  • Card View: Using ctrl/cmd+click on a card’s id copies just the $id rather than the full URL. Useful for e.g. commit messages.
  • Deck Library: Closing a deck scrolls the closed deck into view.
  • Open Decks: Allow visitors to see archived cards.
24 Feb, 2021

Big shortcut overhaul

This release introduces a reworked shortcut system aimed to make keyboard-based navigation a lot more productive. Hit ? to see all shortcuts available on your current view.

Here’s some highlights:

  • ctrl/cmd+a to select all cards
  • b to select the card under the mouse cursor
  • e, p, etc opens the corresponding property for the card under the mouse cursor
  • Bulk selection actions now also all received shortcuts
  • Return to open the edit view on an opened card
  • Arrow Keys to navigate across the mini cards

More improvements and fixes

  • Property panel now has same width as other panels, leading to less reflows when navigating through different side panels.
  • Fix drag and drop issue within journey steps.
  • Input for changing milestone’s date now uses proper date picker
  • Open deck portal now shows random projects at bottom (with the ability to load more).
15 Dec, 2020

Visitor stats for your Open Decks

The Open Deck settings screen now contains charts and counts for your visitors to your project. We also show you the top referrers so you know how people are finding you.
To keep track of your progress, we’ll be sending a weekly digest every Monday to give you a visitor overview of the passed week. Feel free to opt out in the Open Deck settings.

Discord Integration Updates

  • You’re now able to mark community suggestions with a reaction (e.g. 🚫). This will mark the underlying message as removed. I.e. this message won’t create a card when upvoted or if already upvoted beyond the threshold, it will auto-archive the card. It also prevent this message from showing up in leaderboards.
  • We overhauled the UI so it doesn’t get too overwhelming when you’ve connected multiple servers or set up a lot of commands.
  • added [CARDPUBLICURL] shortcode for better integration with Open Decks.

    More improvement and fixes

  • Conversations: We added more states to the conversation icons on mini cards: when there’s a conversation with an undismissed conversation, the bubble will be green. If there’s a snoozing conversation, the bubble will get a snooze-colored (a.k.a. purple) border.
  • Text editor: Fix issue when hitting enter wouldn’t scroll to the very bottom of the editor
  • User settings: Added an option to disable showing animated gifs.
  • Drag and Drop: You can now drag cards to the milestone tab in the header to assign them to a milestone.
  • Drag and Drop: Fix drag and dropping files on Firefox.
  • Time tracking Report: Adding the deck of a card to the report and csv.
  • …and several further smaller fixes
13 Nov, 2020

Open Decks Portal

We’ve released the first version of the Open Decks Portal! It’s a place that highlights the most active and popular projects.
At the moment there are two categories: Staff picks which allows the Codecks team to promote noteworthy and inspirational projects (we’ll populate it soon!). The next category is the Most active open decks one. It’s based on project’s activity of the last 7 days and the card count. We’ll also add a Most popular section once we have the required data.

You can find it under this url: open.codecks.io

If you would like to show up on any of the lists, check your project settings and make sure you’ve agreed to appear there. You’re also able to upload a nice 16:9 promo image for a good first impression of your project.

Further Improvements & Fixes

  • Open Decks: Improve look of conversations.
  • Open Decks: We’ve started counting visits. No worries, we’re not using any third party trackers here. We’re not even storing any cookies or IPs so your visitors can feel safe :)
    We’ll soon provide you with the visitor stats as well. That way you’ll be able to follow your progress.
  • Deck Inspector: URLs for decks now contain the deck’s title, old URLs will redirect to the updated one.
  • Organization Settings: allow to disable auto-archiving of cards.
  • Hero Cards: wherever a sub card is referenced (be it using the $ command or in the Slack or Discord integration), we’ve added the title of its Hero card.
  • Time Tracking: Add option in user profile section to allow showing card id in the tracker widget.
  • Time Tracking: Fix issue with duplicate timing counter in browser tab title.
  • Slack Integration: We’ve inverted the checkboxes in the notification types field from “disable these types” to “enable these types” to prevent a common misunderstanding.
  • Discord Integration: When a card or comment is created with an image, this image will be embedded directly into the card or comment.
  • Discord Integration: Notifications for cards with cover image will show the image in the embed.
29 Oct, 2020

Billing update

There are rumors that accountants have feelings too. So we dedicated some time, willing to put a smile on their faces.

  • We’ll now always generate an invoice when your billing cycle ends, even though your balance covers all of it.
  • In July Germany reduced their VAT from 19% to 16% and will go back to 19% in January 2021 (presumably). So if you topped up before July, you’ve basically paid too much VAT and we’ll add the difference to your balance. The opposite will happen should you top up now with VAT rates increasing in the future.

Further Improvements & Fixes

  • Fix blurry font on cards on Chrome 86
  • No more dancing tooltips when you’re mouse hovers the wrong pixel
  • No more crash when you’re trying to upload a file which is larger than your plans limit (10MB for free accounts, 25MB for the Pro plan)
  • No more crash when you’re logging out
  • You can revoke access from the GitHub integration, allowing to access it with a different user
20 Oct, 2020

Go to Card or Deck

We expanded the search functionality. In addition to filtering, you can now jump directly to a deck or card by entering its name.
For an even quicker way to get to your target, you can use the prefix gc: or gd: in the search bar to only show deck or card results. You can use gac: and gad: to go to any card or deck independent of your project visibility.

More improvements and fixes

  • Calendar: UX improvements as well boosting performance by only rendering months visible on the screen.
  • Deck selector: Add a toggle to allow picking from hidden projects.
  • Milestones: Allow to disable milestone feature in the organization settings.
  • Milestone picker: Cards without decks show milestones based on project selection.
  • Search: you may search for hero or sub card types by either entering hero or sub.
  • Discord Integration: Allow to pick more than one week day for posting leaderboards.
  • Source Control Integrations: Improved message formatting, allow to reference more than a single card in a commit message.
  • Swim lanes: Fix a crash when dropping a card into the “No milestone” swim lane.
12 Oct, 2020

Multi-project milestones

Rather than limiting you to pick between global milestones or assigning it to a single project, you can now pick as many or few projects you like. For larger teams that will make it a lot easier to focus only on tasks that are relevant to them.

You’re now also able to re-assign the projects (or make it global) after you’ve created a milestone.

More improvements and fixes

  • Text Formatting: Support for contents using right-to-left writing systems like Arabic.
  • File Uploads: Dropping files now should work more reliably.
  • Open Decks: All globe icons referencing the open deck feature are now clickable and open the resource in the open decks (or in case of the card header, it copies the public URL of this card)
  • Mission Control: The button that allows you to pick a single project now selects all projects if you click it again
  • Project Tags: Improved icon for color picker.
  • Conversations: Observers can now be selected as conversation participants again.
  • Discord Integration: Retry requests after being rate-limited. Don’t unarchive cards if they receive new upvotes.
  • File Uploads: Fix issue when uploading psd files.
28 Sep, 2020

Manual card order for decks & default orders

Within decks you’re now able to select a sort order called “Manual”. This allows you to drag cards around to give them an order that makes sense to you. This order is shared within your team and affects also open decks.

To make things easier for your team, you can also pick a default order option for a deck, be it the manual order, grouping by milestone or any other order option we’re offering. This allows you to guide both team members as well as visitors of open decks to see a deck in a way you’d prefer them to see it.

New drag and drop experience

The previous system was based on HTML native drag and drop events but it has proven difficult to work with and the drag and drop experience has become a frequent source of frustration with some of our users.

So we decided to rewrite the underlying architecture from scratch as there hasn’t been a good existing alternative solution out there for our various interaction patterns.

And to stick with our current theme of open development we open sourced the library here.

The result should be a much more stable experience across browsers and systems when dragging cards, decks, milestones and files around.

More improvements and fixes

  • When ordering by decks, swim lanes also show project names (if you have more than one project)
  • Ordering by projects now uses the order that you’ve set up via drag and drop
  • Fixed an issue when writing a comment was sometimes interrupted when a teammate archived another card in the same time.
  • Assignee history show more than one user again
  • Observers aren’t suggested as card owners anymore
13 Sep, 2020

Open Decks

This release allows you to mark a project of yours as public. You can enter a path name and it’ll be visible for everyone under open.codecks.io/your-name. Go to your project settings to find the corresponding options. You have the option to hide comments for visitors. In any case, visitors will have read-only access only. The deck order for public projects is shared for all team members and can be modified by admins via drag and drop.
We’ve been in touch with some of you already and are excited to present some real-life examples soon! We’re also planning to set up an open development portal under open.codecks.io to allow people browsing Open Decks on Codecks.

More improvements

  • Manual: We’ve started a Manual. It’s still work in progress so please let us know if there’s a topic that you’re still missing!
  • Org picker: The top of the Mission Control now shows an organization picker if you’re a member of multiple Codecks organizations.
  • Comments: Full checkbox support via - []. These can be marked as done via clicking
  • Deck picker: Shows a deck’s project name if you’ve got more than one project. No longer shows decks from archived or deleted decks.
  • Discord integration: files attached via Discord DMs to Decky no longer count towards your file quota. The quota will be updated once you add or remove your next file.
  • Notifications: Conversation notifications move to the top if they get updated.
  • Deck milestones: Removing deck milestone won’t affect card milestones with a different milestone than the removed one.
  • Card references: Clicking on a card reference opens target card in the current context and doesn’t send you to the hand any longer.
  • UI: Several small visual and functional improvements
  • Notification Emails: Sub card titles now also show the hero’s card name.
24 Aug, 2020

Inline Images

You’re now able easily embed images into your card content:

  • While editing, copy and paste an image and it will be uploaded and shown in place. It’s also added as an attachment.
  • To reference an already uploaded attachment: while editing, hit !. You now can pick an attachment.

Note that this also works for comments. This will make it a lot more straight forward to communicate about visual aspects of your projects!

17 Aug, 2020
  • Milestone Picker: Improved spacing, more distinct style for passed milestones
  • Milestone Ui: Refined colors ensuring better contrast between lighter milestone colors and text.
  • Time Tracking Report: Added padding at bottom, if tracking widget is present, fix missing cardId in exported csv.
  • Title Area: New, more centered favicon, tracked time in title now also considers manually modified time.
  • Dropping Files: Made upload via drag and drop more robust.
  • Animations: Fixing various bugs involving animations.
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