€5 per user / per month
first €50 are on us

Straightforward, transparent pricing

We want to keep things simple and predictable. No surprises for you or for us. We charge €5 per user per month. Your dashboard will always prominently display your usage and cost – no small print or disingenuous tricks to keep you hooked.

€50 credit to get your started

We know you won’t appreciate the full benefits of Codecks until you’ve had a chance to properly use it. That’s why you get €50 credit when you sign up. That would be more than 3 months of free access for two people!

Save with our top-up bonuses

Pay as little as €3.33 per user when applying top-ups to your account. Once you top up at least €250 we'll add a 20% bonus on top of that. If you top up more than €750 we'll add 30% and for top-ups of €2,000 or more, we'll give you a 50% bonus.

Just €5 per user per month to access every Codecks feature

No premium plan, no free plan, no VIP plan. Everyone gets everything. This includes 1 GB of file storage per user, and we’ll increase that limit as more customers sign up – think of it as a community stretch goal :)

Dislike recurring payments? No problem!

Some people don’t like to have automatic debits on their cards. We get that. You won’t need a credit card to create your account. Once your €50 sign-up credit runs out, you can either choose to set up a recurring payment, or top up your account at regular intervals with lump sum payments.
If you have any questions, please drop us a note. We’ll get back to you with a straight answer. You can also read our Pricing FAQ where we’ll walk you through a few examples.

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