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Who we are?

Our mission is to make a tool that people genuinely enjoy using.
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The suspects

Riad is the co-founder of Maschinen-Mensch and believes that Street Fighter 2 is the most beautiful video game ever created. He also believes that Codecks is the best project management tool for game developers. He has been creating video games for over 10 years and considers himself a productivity nerd: scrum, kanban, extreme programming, waterfall. He tried it all.
Saying that Daniel loves programming would be an understatement. He has a quasi-mystical relationship with it. Maybe it is more accurate to say that programming loves him? When he's not wrangling code for Codecks or participating in hackathons, he humbles his opponents on Age of Empires II (1v6! You monster).
Lorenzo is known for not smiling often, particularly in pictures (he says he looks stupid when he does). But there’s one thing that brings him lots of joy: helping people solve their problems. That’s why he loves introducing indie game developers to Codecks, and support those who are already using it.
Of the many things Johannes (he also is a Maschinen-Mensch co-founder) dislikes, using project management software holds a long term high score. After all he’s a talkative creative and would do anything to avoid boring tools instead of direct communication. He’s still flabbergasted how effective and fun using Codecks is, even for a person like him.
At some point, Codecks needed a virtouse designer. Well, at least they found Michael. He got super infected with the project and eventually became a team member. When he’s not pixel-pushing new interface components for Codecks, he’s probably lost in never ending games of Europa Universalis or Imperator: Rome.
Emmanuel is an old man, but don't remind him of that. He spent too many years as a project manager, for video games, web applications, and even hard-core industrial projects. The scars run deep. Most of his evenings and week-ends are devoted to video games, board games, and miniature painting. That's what happens when you get old.
PS: we can be reached at hello@codecks.io

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