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01 May, 2018

Card Presets

This update allows you to create presets for commonly reused properties and card contents.

To create a preset, click on any card and open the property panel. You’ll find a preset section at the bottom. Here you can name and save it.

You can reuse this preset when creating a new card. Once again you’ll find the preset section at the bottom of the property panel.

If you’d like to delete a preset, go to project settings.

19 Feb, 2018
  • Fixed dragging cards from milestone to hand tab
  • Fixed skewed avatar images in Slack notifications
  • Improved page load performance by decreasing javascript bundle size (down to 357KB from ~400KB for viewing a card)
08 Feb, 2018
  • Feature: Pressing space on a card assigned to you will start the card right away. Or unstart the card, if it’s already started and assigned to you.
  • Polish: The upload component was mostly rewritten and especially the upload progress indiciator will integrate better into the layout.
  • Fix: The origin for the rotation for the loading spinner was off center.
  • Fix: Deleting milestones didn’t remove them from all parts of the UI until you refresh.
  • Fix: Refreshing the page, when creating a new card lead to a crash.
06 Feb, 2018
  • Hit space to assign hovered card to self
  • Fix issue resulting in reopening Deck Selector and other Modals while clicking somewhere quickly after closing it.
  • Improved loading animation of all kind of images
05 Feb, 2018

Mostly polish work and some minor bugfixes:

  • More stable overlay behaviour
  • Overhaul the properties panel in the card detail view (Especially highlighting the relevant section if using shortcuts or after clicking on a prop in the card footer. Also nicer save-confirmations.)
  • Fix layout issue with long project names in role column within users overview
  • Fix issue with Github-integration when committer uses email-address which is not registered at Codecks
23 Jan, 2018

New free user role: Observer

Observers can be assigned to specific projects and get read-only access only. They can, however, add comments to cards. They also may subscribe to changes in decks and will receive notifications for those. This is a great way for giving your clients insights into your work and engage with you on a comment level.
And here’s the best: they don’t contribute to your monthly active users quota. Yes, they are free!

More changes

  • Refactoring of checking access rights led to a 2x performance boost for most queries
  • Positioning of overlays should be less buggy
  • Modals are now properly centered in all situations
  • Fix inviting a disabled/deleted user
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