Setting and managing milestones is done in the most natural way possible on Codecks. Open the milestone calendar from your milestone tab, click on a date and you're done! Once created, you can drag and drop it to change the date.

Focus on specific milestones

You can pin a milestone in the header to make sure you never loose sight of your goal. By default, the next upcoming milestone will always be displayed.

Apply milestones to cards and decks

Milestones can be attached to a card or an entire deck. This enables you to order by or search for cards by milestone. More importantly, it enables you to switch to the milestone tab in order to work with cards in the context of a specific milestone.

Answer the question of what to work on next.

One of the advantages of the milestone tab is that it works much like your hand and deck library, enabling you to search and order your cards as you see fit. You can also navigate the timeline to see what is coming next, as well as add a new milestone directly.
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