Hero Cards and Journeys

The Hero you need

Hero Cards allow you to bundle up related cards. They are an abstraction layer living between decks and card checklists. If you use agile terminology, you might think of them as epics. In Codecks there is more to them. In combination with Journeys they allow you to construct repeatable asset pipelines.

Always on your side

Hero Cards contain one or more sub cards. You can see the full list of contained sub cards and jump between them by opening the Hero sidebar. The sub list shows all contained cards including their title, owner, priority, effort and milestone.


Step by step

Journeys are an awesome way for working with Hero Cards. They allow you to template full sequences of sub cards.

From zero to Hero

Once you’ve triggered a Journey all the cards are created. There are no restrictions in regards to what you can do with the cards afterwards. Edit, add or remove sub cards as it makes sense to this particular Hero Card.
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