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Codecks is now free for small teams!

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March 30, 2020
Riad is the product manager of Codecks. He is also the co-founder of indie games company Maschinen-Mensch and still believes that Street Fighter 2 is the most beautiful video game ever created. Coincidentally he also believes that Codecks is the best project management tool for game developers. Apparently he has been creating video games for over 14 years now and considers himself a productivity nerd: scrum, kanban, extreme programming, waterfall, seinfeld. He has tried it all.
Codecks LogoCodecks is a project management tool inspired by collectible card games. Sounds interesting? Check out our homepage for more information.

Just six years ago we founded our indie game studio Maschinen-Mensch with a tiny core team and we remember how cost prohibitive a lot of tools were for us. To help out small teams with big dreams, we’re introducing a new Free plan for Codecks!

Starting today, if your account has up to 3 users and no more than 5 projects, you can use our service at no cost, for as long as you like. We’re confident that once you start using the full power of Codecks you will see the positive impact it will have on improving your collaboration, even for small teams.

If you’re at the other end of the spectrum and running a larger team working on your next hit title, we’re also introducing a new Enterprise plan today! The Enterprise plan features unlimited file storage, tailored onboarding and self-hosting support. Get in touch to learn more about it.

Go ahead and register now (or reactivate your old account by logging in), and start using Codecks immediately: you can find a full overview of all the available plans on our pricing page.

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Micro FAQ

I’m an existing paying customer, what does this change mean for me?

Your monthly price remains the same: 5 € / month per user. But there’s some positive changes for you too: the file storage has now increased to 5 GB / user, and you’re entitled to priority customer support.

I’ve created my Codecks account a while ago, and the free trial period has ended. Can I start using the service again now that you’re offering a free plan?

Yes, you can! Just log in into your account, and you’re good to go.

I’m a student / educator, can I use Codecks for free?

Yes, we offer free Pro accounts for students and educators. Sign up to Codecks using your school email account (if available) and contact us with the name of your school, what you’re studying or teaching, when you expect to graduate (for students only), and your Codecks account name. We’ll apply the discount once we verify your status.

What about non-profits?

We offer a 50% discount for our Pro plan to non-profits. Just drop us an email after signing up, providing your Codecks account name and some information about your organization. We’ll apply the discount once we verify your status.

I work for a large studio and we have some special requirements, like being able to self-host Codecks: is that possible?

Sure, we’d love to help — just drop us an email with more details and let’s talk.

Got more questions? Check out the Pricing FAQ or reach out to us via email.

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So, what is Codecks?

Codecks is a project management tool inspired by collectible card games.
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