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Feature Roundup September 2019

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October 08, 2019
Saying that Daniel loves programming would be an understatement. He has a quasi-mystical relationship with it. Maybe it is more accurate to say that programming loves him? When he's not wrangling code for Codecks or participating in hackathons, he humbles his opponents on Age of Empires II (1v6! You monster).
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This is the beginning of a new series presenting some of our favourite features that have been released in the past few weeks. 💪

The time between two big features is used to smoothen out rough edges. After bringing you our Discord integration and before working on time tracking in the next sprint, we took some time to focus on the card detail view.

Wide mode

We understand Codecks to be more than just a list of tasks. We’re moving towards becoming a great place for your knowledge base and design documents. As a next step, we introduced Wide mode to cards. This will make it much more pleasant to create, edit, and read large amounts of texts. To activate it look out for the ↔️ arrows or hit w on your keyboard.

Wide mode

Independent scroll areas

We noticed that long cards and long conversations could lead to frustrations at times. While sometimes less is more, that’s probably not always true for the amount of scrollbars. We tried to live with only one main scrollbar for a long time, but now that we’ve added scrollbars to long cards and the side panel, we’re already asking ourselves how we could have lived without!

Independent scroll areas

Pick a deck when creating a card

When you create a card on your hand or a milestone you now are able to select which deck this card should belong to without having to create it first. This should make a lot of workflows a lot simpler. You can still decide to not put it into any deck to create this card as a private card.

When creating a card in a deck, you can now also choose to add it to your hand on creation. Check the top right area of the card creation panel to find it!

Pick deck when creating a card

Strong Customer Authentication for Payments

To comply with new EU regulations starting on September 14, 2019, we reworked our payment systems. To ensure that all future payments will be accepted by your bank, we removed payment information stored on Stripe and their references on our side. This means that you need to enter your credit card details again, should you apply a new top-up or start a subscription. Existing subscriptions should not be affected.

Your balance and subscription costs are now always shown as net amounts without VAT

Okay, this one is a bit boring, but something we care about getting right. In case we’re applying VAT to your invoices (this affects mostly our German customers), we’ve always treated the paid-in VAT as part of your balance. This made the accounting hard on our side and led to strange edge cases.

One example: should a non-German EU-Business enter their VAT-ID, they we were eligible for a VAT-free invoice. As our initial gift of 50€ should be treated as a gift worth 10 person months, we had to change the gift amount along with a customers VAT rate. Any directly paid in money and bonuses should not be affected however. This led to the weird effect of changing your gift-portion of your balance whenever your VAT rate changed.

This is why we decided to simplify the balance system by only showing net amounts. Any VAT paid will show up on your invoices but not in your balance. On the other hand we’ll also only subtract the net amount per user and month from your balance without applying any VAT rates. (I.e. VAT is only considered when you actually pay in money and not when we deduct money from your balance at the end of a billing cycle.)

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Codecks is a project management tool inspired by collectible card games.
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